Holiday Potluck Survey Results


  Collection Tour Tech Workshop Caravan Expo Display Update Directory Barbecue
average 4.081632653 3.712765957 3.577778 3.45 3.355263158 4.1304348
responses 49 47 45 40 38 46
std dev 0.996592835 1.29692228 1.339757 1.319479307 1.213148098 1.0024125

The average is the average of all the responses

responses are the number legible of non blank responses we got (blank responses weren't included in these results)

the std dev (standard deviation) is an indicator of how different each of the responses are from the average. For example the caravan idea has a high standard deviation meaning most of the responses were 1s or 5s (people either tended to like it or could care less)