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2012 Caravan
2012 Caravan

Fifteen tractors took the Washington State ferry at 9:35 am to Lopez Island. The group was met at Lopez Island by hosts Jim Smith, Ken Rose and Bob Burt. Ken Rose with his JD R and Bob Folk with his JD A hauled two wagons of people to the Village for lunch. Dinner has schedule at Mr. and Mrs. Phil Weinheimer's farm with gourmet pizza and sandwichs. 75 people were in attendance at the dinner. The group returned to the ferry terminal for the 7:35 pm sailing to Anacortes. Three tractors had mechanical difficulties during the caravan. Great Day with sunny weather and good food!


2012 caravan Tom 062

2012 caravan Tom 064

Ken Rose Lopez Island co host

Phil Weinheimer Lopez Island co host

Jim Smith and son in law Lopez Island co host

Bob Burt Lopez Island co host

2012 caravan Tom 077

Bill McEnery recharging the batteries

2012 caravan Tom 080

2012 caravan Tom 058

2012 caravan Tom 060

Anacortes Airport unloading area

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