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Caravan started from Marlen and Audrey Knutson home and toured the Bow agriculture area. Rain in the morning so potlucked at 1:00 pm and toured at 2:00 finishing at 4:15. 45 people attended with 20 some tractors.


2011 Caravan

Audrey Jan and Herk

Donna Sandra and Henry

Filling the rainy morning with ag speakers Jerry Nelson and Jim Sorenson

Jim Sorenson explaining the seed business

Ron Sakuma explaining the Sakuma berry nursery business

Marion Flaig and Pat Galbraith

Neil Ray and Susan

Just waiting for the rain to stop

Pats JD 730 getting washed the natural way

JD A waiting to caravan

The neighbors dog

The line up

Loren and Paul waiting to caravan

On the road at last

Nelson Farms rest stop

Gary with JD 60 finishing the run

Dean and his new JD 720

Hilda keeping us safe from the country traffic

Marlen and his custom JD 420

Bill McEnery enjoying dessert

Gary Tom and Herk

Getting ready for a wet ride

Henry and his road tractor

Henry and Tom getting the wagon ride ready

Henry at the potato sheds

Henry Marlen Audrey Loren and Joan

Hilda and Sandy

Is it almost over

Jim Sorensen discussing the seed business

Judy Audrey Marlen Bill and Tom

Marlen Audrey Sandy Loren and Joan

Marlen flying the colors

Marlens shop

Mr Sukuma discussing agriculture

Paul Alerd and Jan

Sandy Jan and Larry

Storm clouds a coming

Taking down the colors before the rains hit

The attentive audience

The boys discussing the rain

The Girls

The hosts Marlen and Audrey

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