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Replica John Deere Dealership Clubhouse
Replica John Deere Dealership Clubhouse

It started with a plan for a modest building or shelter to keep the sun or rain off the member's heads during the annual Puget Sound Antique Tractor and Machinery Association show at Lynden, Washington. The Cascade Two Cylinder Club was using a small open sided tent to keep the club papers, scrap books, treasurer's records and the likes out of the summer Whatcom county elements. If you have attended the Lynden show you know that the sun can be really hot one day and buckets of rain will fall the next. Tom Jensen, club treasurer drew up some plans for a small wooden structure with metal roof that could be a permanent building at the P.S.A.T. & M.S. show grounds. Tom's concept was presented to the P.S.A.T. &M.A. board for consideration for funding. The Board considered the concept sound but the thinking was too small. Why not have a bigger building that could be used for displays and storage during the off show times? The Cascade 2 Cylinder Club building committee went back to the membership and through a couple of "knock down and drag out meetings" came up with a building vision and management plan. Now the club was thinking like Donald Trump and a replica 1950's John Deere dealership building was planned. The proposed 40' x 60' x 12' pole structure would resemble a classic John Deere dealership complete with a show room, parts counter and storage area. The building front would be brick with windows and a door just like the dealerships of yesteryear.

Fortunately the club had a member, Jim Galen who was a retired pole barn contractor and eagerly took on the design process. Jim had the building plans done in short order and the next big question of money was confronted. Jim Galen estimated that to rough out the building would take about $15,000. Though Mr. Galen's persuasive nature, nearly $10,000 in materials and cash was donated from the local community. The local Deere dealer, Jim Hale donated a substantial amount as well as a large outside vintage John Deere sign and standard. With another large donation from the Puget Sound Antique Tractor & Machinery Club and Cascade Two Cylinder Club member donations, the building fund had exceeded $16,000. Once the building is constructed the membership knew that rules need to be in place concerning the issues of who, what, when and where, and how long for the displays. Two of the club's toughest guys, Tom Jensen and Norm teSelle were selected to manage the building and keep law and order.

The club was now off and running with money, a building plan, and a management plan so now the next step is to get the thing built. Paul Hieb, C2CC president agreed to be the construction foreman and is forming a crew of able bodied workers. With some good weather and time Paul thinks the John Deere replica dealership should be water tight and lockable by show time this August. Come see for your self at the 2007 Puget Sound Antique Tractor & Machinery Show at Berthusen Park, Lynden, Washington. August 1 thru 4.


JD Replica dealership building elevation

Gary Paul Loren Ray & Van May 26, 07

Paul & Loren aligning poles

Allan Paul & Van

Paul & Van

Ray & Gary positioning poles

Paul Van Allan Ray & Loren

Paul & Ray filling holes

Pouring mud May 28, 07

Entrance ready for brick and metal Sept 23 2007

Finishing south wall Sept 23 2007

JD bldg with floor july 07

Dec- JD Bldg brick work

Dec- JD Bldg east side

Nov- JD Bldg north side

Nov- JD Bldg south side

Nov- JD Bldg start brick front

Nov- JD Bldg west side

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