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Curtis' India Tractor Tour
Curtis' India Tractor Tour

While on a whirlwind 16 day pleasure/work trip (mostly pleasure) to India, Curtis Johnson takes the opportunity while driving through the countryside to do some tractor hunting.

For more pictures visit!585?ct=photos


Travel map – stayed in 15 cities in 16 days across 10 states (not counting London)

Why buy a car when you have a Mahindra? Taken out a back car window from a busy intersection.

John Deeres aren’t the majority here – I had a hard time finding any. Here is a Farmtrack dealership (an India made tractor under license from Ford)

Finally, somewhere between Delhi and Agra, I spotted a John Deere. I told our driver to pull over so my interpreter could ask where he bought it.

The owner of the tractor I spotted said he bought his John Deere just down the street. And here it was… the JD dealer!

The middle of the street doubles as this dealership’s service shop

I tried to explain to this guy that his tractor was the wrong color… not sure he understood (my Hindi is a little rusty)

How to make cement in India (by camel)

Villager enjoying his opium on his (well off) farm

Typical passenger train

Indian dune buggy

Sunrise in the desert by the India Pakistan border (you need a camel to get here)

Thought this classy outfit would be great for our next club potluck (sort of a traditional Indian suit)

Taj Mahal

How to catch fish in South India

South India tea garden. The plants are hundreds of years old and stretch for hundreds of miles. No tractors needed - all picked by hand.

How to move logs in the Indian jungle

While north Indian food was more bread based (we saw lots of wheat fields there), south India cuisine is rice based (which explains all the rice paddies there)

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