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Plow Day
Plow Day

2018 Plow Day on Saturday, May 5,2018 at Gail Thulen's farm. 16 tractors were in attendance. Warm sunny day with mostly dry fields. Over 100 acres were plowed by mid afternoon.


Jim A & David H

Jim A, Herk, Gary F. & Mark H.

Greg and JD H

Carl S. and JD 40

Mark H. and JD 720 d.

Tom Jensen and JD 830

Mark H JD 720d and Vic J. JD 70

Vic Jensen and JD 70

DSC_0138 (2)

Con H and JD 730 d

Alan Brinson and JD 420

Jim Boyce and JD 830

Jim Alveshere and JD 4010 d

Phil Smoots and JD 720 d

Paul Hieb and JD 830

Jim Sorensen and JD 720 gas

Herk Sorsdal and JD 830

Jeff Newall and JD 820

Gary Friend and his JD R

David Harrison and JD 4020 gas

Jim Alveshere and David Harrison

Jim and David

Jim A.,, Herk, Gary F. and Mark H.

Dean Flaig supervising from his office

Lunch time

David, Greg and Vic

Loren Dahl, Bob Folk and Alan Brinson

Tom Jensen

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